$100 in 10 Day Fundraising Challenge

We need your help to find a cure! Can you raise $100 in 10 days? Here is a day-by-day plan to reach your goal. Remember: people are more likely to donate if you ask them personally!

  • Day 1: Donate $10 yourself – let’s start easy!
  • Day 2: Ask a best friend to donate $10
  • Day 3: Find a coworker to pledge $10
  • Day 4: Message someone or post on social media asking for $10
  • Day 5: Contact a distant family member and have them donate $10
  • Day 6: See if your boss will make a company donation of $10
  • Day 7: Reach out to two neighbors and see if they will both donate $5
  • Day 8: Strike up a conversation with someone from your gym, place of worship, or club and have them vow $10
  • Day 9: Identify a family member who would contribute $10
  • Day 10: Determine someone who has already donated over the past 9 days and ask them to generously donate another $10!
  • Day 11: Pat yourself on the back, you raised $100 for blood cancer research! Now, keep fundraising – we need your hard work to help find a cure!