Allianz comes in support of Myra!


The coworkers of Myra came out to support her by running and walking with us at our 2016 ABC 7 Gibbons 5K Run and 3K Walk.

We asked Myra to share why she was joining the fight against all blood cancers. This is what she said…

” I walked in honor of those who suffer/suffered and to help raise money for research. While I was being treated for cancer* I volunteered to donate extra bone marrow samples for research. So every time I had a bone marrow sample taken (about once a month) to be tested a little more was taken for research purposes. So in my small way I hope I have helped Doctors/researchers get closer to finding a cure. I have been in remission since January 2010.

*I am a survivor. Diagnosed June 2009 with Leukemia AML4. 10 years before I was diagnosed I lost a cousin to the very same cancer. My mom died after second bout with Uterine Cancer shortly before last year’s Gibbons 5K. My great grandma died from Rectal Cancer. I lost a dear friend to a very rare form of cancer three years ago. Lost two Uncles to Cancer (Prostate and Colon). The list is too long. 

I will continue to spread the word and help in any why that I can to put an end to all blood cancers. If I had Leukemia earlier I may not have made it, like my cousin, but every year thanks to donations for research I believe we are getting closer to a cure and more successful treatment. Development on testing is needed to catch it earlier as well. I almost ran out of time before I was finally diagnosed with Leukemia.”

Thanks to Allianz and Myra and all those who join us, we are able to fund the research that is vital to finding a cure. Thank you!

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