About the LRF

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The Leukemia Research Foundation, headquartered in Northfield, Ill., is dedicated to funding research and providing support to people touched by blood cancers. The Foundation’s mission: the Leukemia Research Foundation is dedicated to conquering all blood cancers by funding research into their causes and cures, and enriching the quality of life of those touched by these diseases. For more than 68 years, thousands of volunteers and 24 chapters have helped the Foundation raise more than $60 million to help fund research specifically targeting aspiring, eager, and innovative scientists and physicians around the world. Major LRF programs include:

  • funding worldwide scientific research — each year, the LRF strives to give in excess of $1 million in research grants to scientists around the world.
  • providing patient financial assistance — in addition, the LRF disburses hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to patients and families struggling under the financial burden of a blood cancer diagnosis. The financial assistance and support programs of the LRF are available to patients and families who reside in Illinois or within a 100-mile radius of Chicago. Currently more than 600 patients and families are enrolled.
  • providing educational support services for patients and their families — the LRF holds an annual Town Hall Meeting (group education sessions led by a panel of blood cancer experts) which attracts hundreds of attendees. Additionally, the LRF hosts a Spanish version of the Town Hall Meeting for patients and families who may be limited to resources as a result of a language barrier. The LRF also hosts a Treatment Options for Blood Cancer Patients Conference, featuring patient information about these procedures, attended by hundreds. Further, the LRF receives numerous calls on a daily basis from patients looking for resources and educational materials.

As a result of these vital programs, not only are countless lives served by the Foundation, but with the development of new treatments resulting from LRF funded research, countless lives are also saved. Visit www.allbloodcancers.org or call 847.424.0600 for more information.