Running on a Promise: Help Find a Cure

I participate The ABC7 Gibbons Run for many people to help find a cure for blood related diseases.

I was very close to Joey Mix even before he was diagnosed with Leukemia.

He truly is an angel. I watched him go through treatment that really took a toll on him and it truly broke my heart. He was such a special little boy that was truly touched by the Good Lord. He shard his love, smiles, strength, and whole being with all that knew him.

I promised Joey I would do what I could do to help find a cure so other children and adults would not have to endure what he did. He became a true angel on my 36th birthday, August 14, 1996.

I have known other children who have survived Leukemia. I have also lost a very dear friend of mine. His name is Johnny Mrozek. He lost his second battle with Lymphona at age 50. His best friend also lost his battle with Leukemia. I currently have another friend battling Leukemia for a second time.

I say many prayers and will continue to do what I can to help raise money, awareness, and to find a cure.