Running the ABC 7 Gibbons 5K is a celebration of life!

My name is Jerry and I have CML.  I was diagnosed with CML in May of 2007 and shortly after I walked in my first Gibbons walk.

My “CANCER story” is one of overcoming great odds.

I run  not only to mark my “CANCER Anniversary” but to be inspired by others who are fighting blood cancers and also to remember those that we have lost to the disease.

As a “CANCER fighter” running or walking in the Jim Gibbons reminds me that I’m still alive.  Plus, you get a really neat t-shirt!

After ten years of a stem cell transplant, Legionnaire’s disease, 2 coma’s, 5 heart by-passes, countless lung draining’s,  respiratory failure, 73 days of tube feeding, not to mention the countless doctor’s visits and much more, all due or brought on because of the side effects of the Chemo drugs and CANCER.

This year running in the ABC 7 Gibbons will be a celebration for me!!!