Samantha joins in Honor of Nicholas

another team little lefty samantha

I am running with Team Little Lefty for my “step cousin” Nicholas who I never got to meet. I never met Nicholas because my Dad married in to this family in 2012. I’ve always felt welcome and part of something bigger with the Orjuela family, even before it was official, we were family. Yes, they are technically my “step family” but it never felt that way. It feels like I’ve known them forever! I didn’t realize how much of an impact this would have on me. I not only gained a step mom, sister, pets and a new home… but a step aunt, uncle, and sweet little girl cousins! I always heard wonderful stories about Nicholas from everyone who got to meet him. I’ve seen pictures and I watched his little sisters grow up, I was their babysitter for a few summers. Somehow I feel like I knew him. They do everything in their life to honor him. I am honored, myself, for this opportunity to represent Team Little Lefty and share Nicholas’ story.