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Everyone knows me as Oli’s mom. We run every year for him and always will. This year is more important than ever because my little boy is in the fight for his life. We need more for our kids affected by this terrible disease and raising funds for the LRF is a great place to start. He has currently just come off a ventilator after two weeks and doing the best he can. Oliver is on his third relapse. He’s on a list for a trial/study treatment in Philadelphia. We are hoping for the call that will tell us Oliver is ready to start the process that could save his life. Everyday is a battle and everyday he continues to move slowly in the right direction. Please consider making a donation for my Oli and all the other kiddos and patients just like him, Thank you:)

Original Post from May 28, 2015:


Team Oliver

“It only takes one inspiring person to get you involved and want to help many…..

My name is Anne and I’m part of Team Oliver.   My nephew Oliver Canales age 8 was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on May 2010.  It was my 1st time hearing of the Jim Gibbons 5k to help fund LRF. I wanted to be part of the team so I chose to walk that year and walked again in the 2011 5k. On May 2012 Oliver had a relapse.  Our team didn’t give up and only got bigger to support Oliver on his journey to recovery.  That year I decided to run for Oliver. Oliver continued his treatments for another 2 yrs.  So the next 2 years, I decided I will make sure I run.  I’m not a runner but seeing Oliver go through that relapse only made me push myself.  Oliver was in hopes to be finished with his last chemo this coming Sept 2015, but sadly he has relapsed for the 2nd time.  I will run for Oliver Canales and many who are fighting leukemia on June 18, 2015.


I can remember witnessing those challenging days or a month long, Oliver fighting fevers, pains, weaknesses and all the side effects.  I can remember seeing his parents, sister and brother being so very strong, hopeful and yet worried through his treatments or his prolonged hospital stays. It has never been an easy road to recovery for him.  What Oliver has made me realize these past five years that there are other kids like him fighting everyday for a chance to be cancer free. He has inspired me to run the Jim Gibbons 5k.  He inspires me on how brave he is when he has to take weekly or monthly hospital trips or how he silently know he needs to take his meds daily to get better.  He inspires me so much how he finds his way back to be a normal kid again who loves to play soccer and goes to school and fusses over homework.  He manages to always be silly and make us laugh. He is the coolest nephew!  How could I not run for him or the many kids out there. I’m honored to say I run the leukemia run and I hope I am helping many when I wear my bib.   I am very thankful for the power of prayer, and his treatments that his cancer was in remission each time.   But it just saddens me so much it has happened the second time!   It saddens me to see that his family again will have to find strength to help Oliver get through all the side effects that come with his future treatments.

Since 2010, Team Oliver has been participating in the Jim Gibbons 5k.  We hope our support will find a cure for kids like Oliver.  They deserve a chance to be cancer free.  I feel when I’m running at the Jim Gibbons 5k, I am making a difference for Oliver and the others out there that need help from the LRF. It’s all about those fighting leukemia that I call brave HEROES.

I do know that when our team gathers the day of the run, Oliver has this big smile.  I see his family filled with happiness that everyone comes to support their little guy fighting to beat cancer.  I know this gives Oliver and his family the strength and hope to get through those treatments that are ahead of him. So if running/walking the Jim Gibbons 5k every year is one of the medicines that are going to help Oliver beat cancer again, I and Team Oliver will always do it!  Thank you for the Jim Gibbons 5K and the LRF.”



Anne and Oliver

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