#WhyIamRunning…..runners and walkers tell their stories…..Here is Melissa G.

Melissa and her mom

I am so proud to be running the Jim Gibbons 5K again this year. It is very personal to me.

First, I credit this one as the race that changed me. It was my first race EVER about 5 years ago. I had only begun running a few weeks before when a friend challenged me to get in shape enough to run 3.14 miles. I am not one to back out of a race. Since then, I have been on a journey to better myself physically, mentally, and have thanks to you become a race addict. I have not missed a Jim Gibbons “Traffic Jam” as it was called when I first started.

This photo is of my mother, Emily, and myself. I actually inspired her to begin running, and this race was very important because it was also HER FIRST RACE!! She placed 3rd in her age group. :-)

So to why this is REALLY important, though. My grandfather, and my mother’s father, passed away from a blood disorder about 6 years ago. We were both very close to him. I know that he would have been proud of the two of us not only finally embarking on this journey as runners, but also helping to raise money for Leukemia and other blood disorders.