Elizabeth Little


‪#‎WhyIamrunning‬ Team “Cheetah gurlz cheetah sistas + Tony” is running in memory of their Grandma “Betty” who lost her battle with AML on March 9th this year.

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“Our grandma Elizabeth “Betty” Little was diagnosed with AML on June 18, 2014. She was told she had 96% leukemia blasts and had they FLT3 mutation.. She not only had her induction and two additional chemo treatments, she had two brain surgeries due to bleeds in her brain from the chemo, had a mini stroke and got CDIF twice as well as E-Coli. Our grandma did just about every clinical trial they offered her along the way in hopes of helping someone else. Her donor also did a clinical trial for his collection. On October 30, 2014 she had a bone marrow transplant donated by her brother. (She had two sibling matches). Unfortunately on day 96 after her transplant we learned her leukemia was back. She looked into some trials that were coming up, however they were not a good fit for her. That is when she decided to stop her medical care and has since been put on palliative/hospice care. The run is exactly one year to the day of her being diagnosed. We want to honor her for all of her hard work fighting this unforgiving disease.” -Kaitlyn, Emelye and Jillian