#WhyIamWalking Katrina and Navigating the Roadblock will join us on the 18th

Navigating the Roadblock at our 2012 Run/Walk
Navigating the Roadblock at our 2012 Run/Walk

“I walk for three simple reasons:

I walk because I can.

I am here because of research, support, and determination.  In February 2011 I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  With an entourage of family, friends, medical staff, and unlimited strangers I completed the 2.5 years of treatment to dominate the disease.  I am fortunate enough to be celebrating 4 years of being giddily cancer-free.  (My picture is from my cancerversary)

I walk so that others can.

My hope is that those future cancer-fighters have a shorter battle.  Scratch that.  My hope is that the disease can be detected and eliminated without a battle.  Medical science is amazing.  Fascinating.  I wouldn’t be here without the leaps and bounds they’ve made over the past couple of decades.  I believe dreams come true, and I dream that for future warriors.

I walk because others can’t.

For a while there, I couldn’t walk due to exhaustion and hip issues due to steroids.  Two bionic hips later, I am strutting my stuff again.  Sadly along my path here, I met other warriors that will not be at the race because cancer took them away from us.  They will be in my heart.  I walk for my friends and for the strangers that research and support will save.”

Katrina on her cancerversary!
Katrina on her cancerversary!

All the best,